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Jean-Pierre Hallet died on January 1, 2004, at the age of 76. He was internationally renowned as an africanist, ethnologist, sociologist, humanitarian, agronomist, naturalist, author, lecturer, explorer, photographer, cinematographer, artist, African art authority and collector, and death-defying adventurer. He was best known and revered, however, as the world authority on the culture, languages, and history of African pygmies in general and the Ituri Forest Efé clan of the Bambuti pygmies in particular.

Jean-Pierre was the creator and driving force behind The Pygmy Fund, the only organization devoted solely to the preservation of the lives and culture of surviving forest-dwelling Efé pygmies. Numerous organizations can be found to protect and assure the perpetuation of rare and endangered animals and plants. But none exists with a similar objective of protecting rare and endangered human ethnic societies. The Ituri Forest Efé pygmies occupy less than 1% of the land preserved for African wildlife. Their numbers have been reduced over the past 75 years from 35,000 to about 3,000 individuals. They are subjected to enslavement and endangered by the destruction of the pristine Congo forest on which their lives depend.........(read more here)



• Born in Louvain, Belgium, on August 4th, 1927; son of André (renowned "Painter of the Congo", 1890-1959) and Berthe (Rosseels)

• Served with Resistance Movement, 1942-1943); Belgian Army, 1944-45

• Decorated Palmes 1940-45, 1946, Volunteer's Medal with Golden Palms and Commemorative Medal with Bronze Crown, 1947

• Educated University of Brussels, 1945-46; Sorbonne, Paris 1947-48

• Sociologist/Agronomist, Ministry of former Belgian Congo, 1948-58

• Lived and worked with 650,000 natives of 17 different tribes and learned........(read more here)



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